PT. Hygan Filter Indonesia
12 August 2022
Air Management and Filter Solution
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Cartridge Filter
Cartridge Filter

Multi- Purpose

Specifically designed for indoor dedusting applications up to 28,000m3/h with very small foot print area.

  •  Ready-to-operate with filters, integrated fan, control panel and automatic jet pulse filter cleaning system.
  •  Availability of placing filter unit adjacent to corners and walls – Saves space with built-in double sided blade diffuser inlet.
  • High filtration efficiency with Dust Class: M certified (acc. To EN 60335-2-69) filter elements which arrests 0,2-2 micron particles with 99,9% efficiency.
  • Dedusting Class W3 certification according to EN ISO 15012-1
  • Low Sound Level ≤70-79dB(A) depending on model
  • Automatic PID control with pressure transmitter regulated VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) for fan speed
  • control ensures energy saving with optimum performance.