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12 August 2022
Air Management and Filter Solution
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Electronic Manometer

A•monitor is integrated in the service door of most A•mist and A•smoke filter units as standard. With our new A•monitor retrofitting kit, it is now possible to upgrade existing ODF and ODR units or to place a second A•monitor at a more convenient location, for example if the A•mist or A•smoke filter unit is placed high up and it is difficult to read the integrated monitor.

Optical display of the pressure drop over the filter stages

The present pressure drop over each filter stage is monitored.

LED indication

A green LED lamp is lit as long as the filter cassette works within the preset pressure range. When the yellow lamp lights up, the filter stage needs to be replaced or washed. Call your service contact for advice. When the red LED lamp lights up, the pressure drop over the filter stage is too high, and the filter unit might give a reduced air flow.

Hour counter device

An hour counter device is also included in our standard equipment. It shows the total operation time of the filter unit measured in hours.


On the transformer circuit, there is an alarm output that can be used for external alarms (maximum 1A). If any of the filter stages reaches alarm level (red LED), the alarm output closes.