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12 August 2022
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Oil Mist Filters

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Absolent's oil mist filter A•mist guarantees a high separating efficiency, which does not deteriorate even over long periods of operation. The filters can run continuously 24 hours a day.

The filter cassettes are self-draining and have a very long operating life, which means minimal servicing and maintenance costs. A•mist filter cassettes can usually be washed.
The filtered air can usually be returned to the premises, which saves heating or cooling energy, and the returned oil can be used for recycling.

A•mist oil mist filters are well suited to applications such as:
•  Grinding (cutting fluid emulsion)
•  Turning (cutting fluid emulsion)
•  Milling (cutting fluid emulsion)
•  Electrical discharge machining
•  Machining, using straight oil and moderate loads.
Contaminated air is sucked into the inlet (1) in the lower section of the filter unit and passes through an Absolent filter (3), where most of the oil particles are arrested. Before the filter becomes saturated with oil, the oil is drained down to the bottom of the unit that serves as a collection vessel.

The oil is then conveyed back to the machine, to a receptacle or to a central purification system (2).

The air passes on through another Absolent filter (4), where the remaining larger particles are arrested, and then through the fan to a HEPA filter (7).
By now, the air is usually so clean that it can be returned directly to the premises.