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12 August 2022
Air Management and Filter Solution
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Stainless Steel Nozzle for Hose Reel
Stainless nozzle which adapts to the tailpipe of hose reel
Connection Flange
Trolley for Sliding Suction Rail
Accessories of sliding suction rail
Flexible Hose
MOD Light Kit
Connection Plate
Accessories of sliding suction rail
Cap for Sliding Rail
Ceiling Mounting Bracket
Giant Outlet Connection
Walls for Workbench Surface Option
Extraction Fan
ZWR fans have been designed to work with Oskar Air Products source capture devices as well as with clean or polluted air extraction installations. Aluminium im pellers enclosed in steel powder coated housings ensure high airflow efficiency and spark-proof design. ZWR fan units are used to exhaust non-explosive and chemically non-aggressive gases of temperatures up to 40oC. ZWRs are perfect with units are radial impeller backward inclined blade fume extraction fans designed to work with Oskar point extraction products such as fume arms, extension booms, sliding rails, car exhaust hose reels or hose drops.
Wall Brackets
Klimaroll Spring Recoil | Exhaust Hose Reel
Cartridge Filter