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12 August 2022
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Compressed Air Dyer
High efficiency, maximum life, simple installation, lowest operating costs, and reduced down time.  Refrigeration dryer are designed to work in many field as an air treatment system in different industrial sectors where high reliability and lasting working hours are required


Durable, reliable and efficient compressors are the results of dilligent research and development and strict quality control thorough production and quality assurance before delivery.  Each compressor has to pass a comprehensive 8 hours testing cycle, during which all mechanical details are insptected and the performance is tested.  An individual testing report will be issued with each machine before delivery.

  • 5 Year Rotor Screw Warranty
  • Manufactured on first-class equipments  and in modern workshops
  • The factory is ISO 9001  ISO 14001 certified
  • The entire compressor line is CE approved.
  • Large space easy maintenance.
  • Low price spare parts
  • Completely manufactured by the factory and not just assembled