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12 August 2022
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Piping and Ducting System
Piping and Ducting System

Duct system is manufactured from fully galvanized sheets and is characterized by great stability of form and a smooth surface. The components have a rolled collar, over which the Q-F clip is fitted. The clip has an inner gasket to ensure that an air tight seal is achieved. It requires no tools to assemble ormodify.  The Quick-Fit system has a complete accessory range wigh 60° Y-pieces, 30° branches, 30° cut in branch, 90° adapters, reducers, sliding dampers, automatic dampers etc. It ensures individual fitting and great flexibility-including adaptation to other duct systems.

  • Easy & fast to install; just clamp together, no rivets, screws or welding needed.
  • Re-useable; easy to use and easy to move as your needs change.
  • Easy to clean out; can be easily removed, cleaned out, then replaced without tools.
  • Quick-Fit is available in galvanized, steel and stainless.
  • Quick-fit is available in galvanized steel & stainless.
  • Adaptable to your existing ductwork.
  • 45% less downtime for installation.
  • 45% less labor to install.
  • Leak-tight longitudinal seams; Instead of lock-form - which leak badly and allows for debris harbors and snag opportunities.
  • We provide; local dealer support, quick delivery, order tracking, and lower freight costs.


  • Dust extraction.
  • Fume extraction.
  • Material transport (Low pressure).
  • Fast and easy installations required.
  • Flexible layouts (reuse ducting).
  • Applications where ducting needs to be cleaned.
  • Use in all industries, but especially Metal, Wood.
  • Paper, Food processing, Rice mills and Feed mills.

Aluminium Foundry Rubber and plastic
Animal feed Galvanising Shot blast
Cement Leather Steel
Chemical Machine building Sugar
Coal Malting Tileworks / bricks
Construction Metal Tobacco
Detergent Melting plants Wood producing &
Dry separation of Mineral wood processing
noxious gasses Motor industries e.g.
Electronics Oil mist - sawmills
Energy recovery Painting - furniture
Fertilizer Petrochemical - MDF, chip board
Flour bakeries Pharmaceutical - building material
Flue gas cleaning Pulp and paper
Food Quarries / asphalt